Support coloring of file name in editor tab of files changed in branch (but have been committed)


During the day I may switch branches a number of times. When I first edit a file it will show in a special color in the tab. If I then commit / push the file into Git the color will change back to normal / unmodified. I then work in another branch, come back to the first one and may or may not remember what files I have been editing for the branch as they are all now in the unmodified color. I can always check the Git difference between branches but would like more immediate color feedback.

Current colors:

White - unchanged

Green - new

Red - new but not added to VC

Cyan - changed but not commited

Maybe add:

Purple - changed in this branch at some point but already commited


Hi, would you mind sharing the name of the product we are talking about? Thank you. 


I mainly use Android Studio but I also use Intellij community edition


Hello Kevinwpeck

Too many colors can be confusing
In your case, if you may forget what files were commited - you can go to Log and click on a branch name there, it will filter a log by this branch and you will be able to see list of commited files in the latest commit.


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