Kotlin DSL - how to specify snapshot/artifact dependencies between different projects


If you use UI, then even if you have completely different projects (not parent-child relation), you are allowed to select such project's build configuration as snapshot/artifact dependencies between each other. If you use Kotlin DSL I have a hard time figuring out how to create "Id" object with the manually assigned value from a completely different project (running in the same TeamCity server, but different Kotlin DSL definition). Am I missing something, or is the Kotlin definition limited to reference only build configurations that belong to the same project? I see that Id has an only a private constructor and if I use something like

dependency { snapshot { buildType { id("something I want") }} }

then I always get prefixed Id - ie. myProjectprefix_something_I_want ... and that, of course, does not fit my project.

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Hey Tomas,

You can use AbsoluteId for that. All you need is to provide the build configuration's ID as seen on the 'General' tab of its settings. Something like this:

dependencies {
snapshot(AbsoluteId("TestProject_TestSubproject_BuildConfigA") {

Any other questions, just let me know.


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