Add support for Processing 4 to IntelliJ IDEA


On 9 August 2021 there was a release of Processing 4.0 beta 1:

" We're using Java 11, which should be faster, more up to date, and a lot more compatible with newer machines."

Until September 2021 Java 11 was the last LTS release. Now it is Java 17.

Please test if Processing 4.0 beta 1 works out of the box with latest IntelliJ IDEA.

Please consider whether changes to Processing 4.0 repository or IDEA are necessary to make usage of Processing 4 easy with IDEA.




Hello Robert. Thank you for contacting us. The Processing 4.0 is a separate standalone editor. At this point I do not see anything related to IntelliJ IDEA that can be tested. Thanks.


@Elena: Sorry that I post to the wrong forum. 

@Andrey: Processing is an own programming language implemented in Java.

There is also an own IDE that is coming with it. But the 

However it can be used as Java lib:

Graphics in IntelliJ using Processing


How to use IntelliJ IDEA for coding with Processing

Also in the last video he code in Java with the Processing libs.

So he use the Java code completion of IntelliJ IDEA .

Here is a video that show the usage of the processing language with the own IDE.

Ep.2 Processing art tutorial | GRID 02 (Creative coding and procedural art)

This is nice to teach childen computer arts. There is direct visual feedback of the coding.


There is no support for Processing language development assistance in IntelliJ IDEA. There is a corresponding feature request: IDEABKL-7391 We use Processing for generative art. It would be great to have support Processing.


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