Searching the shortcut for "Go to next item" in the usage search

I'm pretty sure it exist because it was working in Visual Studio 2015 and 5+ old version of Resharper. I've upgrade to 2019, purchase a brand new license and my favorite shortcut is gone and can't find to replace it.

Basically I put my cursor on a property/method and hit the key it would ROTATE between implementation and usage in the code.

Right now I have shortcut for find usage. ReSharper.ReSharper_FindUsages

But what I want is not a find usage windows but rotate on them, like the little icon "Go to next item". Is there a way to map a shortcut to this function? What is the name of it.


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Hell Jcmorin,

Do you recall which ReSharper version you used with VS 2015?


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