Difficulties with translation and list of services

Good Morning,
I need a huge help! I implemented YouTrack here in the company recently, I'm setting up the environment and teaching managers to use it so that as soon as the managers approve the system, we can buy the licenses. But I'm having two problems:
1. translation does not want to be fixed, I change the language by setting, it changes to normal, however when I update the page it goes back to English, some of the fields are in Portuguese and the system in English, with that my scripts stop working agile board stops opening and it only works again when I put it in English again. One way I found to correct it was changing all the custom fields to the name in Portuguese, but the sismtea had no way and ended up being in English. Is there a way for me to identify what is happening to fix?

2. The HUB and UP application are not appearing in the right corner (Service List) only YouTrack appears, how do I make them appear?


follow the prints:




Excuse me, but item 2 already solved, it was just group permission



I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team

Regarding the first point, please get in touch with our support team directly and share the following details: 

  • Record a video (screencast) that illustrates the issues. Specifically, the language returning to the previous one, the agile board not working, and so on. This way we'll understand the steps you take and how the issue is reproduced. 
  • Share the Youtrack logs folder


Once we review these details, we'll get back to you with further information. Thanks. 


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