Cant accesses claims in Profile and Email scope - OpenID Connect

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I am currently working on a small project where we are using Hub as our accounts server. We want to be able to use Hub as our openid provider to authenticate the apps users and retrieve some information on their user profile. 


To do this I created a new service in Hub for our app and used a standard authorization code flow to get back an auth and id token. For the most part this works but I cant seem to get any more claims back other than the standard openId claims. When we also specify the profile and email scopes we dont get the claims back for those scopes, and still just receive the standard openid claims only (this includes both the Id token and userinfo endpoint).


I even tried specifying some of the claims (email and email_verified in this case) explicitly through the claims parameter for both the id_token and userinfo when I made the initial code request but still fail to get Hub to return these claims. 


What is confusing me even more is the configuration endpoint for Hub specifies that these scopes and claims are supported. I have tried this both with some openid connect libraries and by preforming the requests manually via postman, but I can seem to get more claims other than what is returned by default by the openid scope. I assume maybe I am missing a configuration on Hub but the openid connect docs are very sparse so I am not sure.


Does any one have any information on how to get the claims from the standard profile and email scopes from Hub?

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Hello, I'm sorry for the delayed reply. Which Hub version are you using currently? We've fixed a similar problem just recently:

Please also check this comment in case it might be helpful: 


I ended up figuring out the issue, and it was on my side. The problem is I was testing on the admin account for which I did not have that additional info setup on. When I setup an actual account I started getting the information I was expecting. Sorry to have bothered you on this issue and thank you for the response.


Thank you for the update, we're glad the issue is resolved now.

In case you have any urgent questions, feel free to post them via the ticket form:


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