HELP! InteliJ IDE works on my first test, and then throws compile errors


Here's my steps. 

1. Clone a repository to my local drive.

2. run 'mvn clean install'  - no errors

3. Open InteliJ, drill down to the folder, select the pom file and load as a project.

4. Create a config profile, and debug the code.. works fine no errors

5. Stop debug,  Click and build the project and get 100 errors like below

Error:(15, 1) java: package org.apache.camel does not exist
Error:(16, 32) java: package org.apache.camel.builder does not exist
Error:(17, 32) java: package org.apache.camel.builder does not exist

The packages exist and are in the repository directory...


What am I doing wrong???  This is a new PC, and on my previous one, I had no problems with InteliJ, so it has to be some setting or configuration that I don't have right (obviously) but I sure can't figure it out...





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Hello Dan,

Have you tried to run "File | Invalidate Caches" and "Reimport" from Maven Tool Window? If the issue still occurs please submit a request to our support team: (use "submit a request" button in the top right corner)


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