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How can I setup Hub email notifications to work with

In TeamCity, using "StartTLS" as connection option worked, but there's no such option in Hub SMTP settings.




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Hi Joonas, I'm very sorry for the delayed response.

Have you tried selecting the 'SMTP TLS' option from the list? What are the results?

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This happens:

The SMTP server does not authorize Hub to send email. Check the Security and Authorization settings. If you use a secure email protocol, verify that your SSL certificate is valid.

Any solutions?



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Hi Karin,

To investigate the issue, we would need some more details from you. Please create a support ticket and share the following:

1. Is it standalone or embedded Hub? Which version do you use?
2. Are there any other JetBrains team tools integrated with Hub like YouTrack or Teamcity?
3. If Hub is hosted on your servers, please share the full Hub logs with us to investigate
4. Please share a screenshot of the page where you see the error. 

Thank you, we'll be happy to help!

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Hi Anastasia!
Per default Microsoft 365 Exchange does not allow sending emails via SMTP with basic authentication. An administrator can enable it, but it is considered a security issue. As our company will not allow this, we have to resolve it somehow. We are considering following solutions:

  1. Wait till you have implemented an client (MAPI?) for Microsoft 365 Exchange
  2. Set up an internal email hub, who can send on behalf of the exchange server
  3. Use a company owned email address from one of the big providers (e.g.) gmail.
  4. Use another domain and email with another provider for sending email with SMTP.

So nothing wrong with Jetbrains Hub, other than a feature request. We will give solution 2 a try, as sending notification emails via SMTP is essential for many internal services, not only hub.

Thank you for your reply,




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