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Hello all! I am setting up whole team tools setup (HUB, TC, UT, US) and I've encountered an unexpected problem. All will be hosted on one server so the general idea is to let hub use port 80 since that's the gateway and rest of it will be other ports. When trying to setup HUB on this message pops up in the UI 

Could not listen on address and port 80

The request to fails 400 with the payload 

{baseUrl: "", listenAddress: "", listenPort: "80"}

Now my question is why it tries to bind to when I specified and if it needs to be that way, how can I make it work on windows 2012r2 where the address is occupied? 

Thanks, hope you can help :) 

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Hello Peter, I'm very sorry that this post was (unintentionally) left unanswered.
Just in case you or someone else finds this question and wonders what the answer is: is a default value, listen-address can be customized from cli:
`\bin\hub.bat configure --listen-address=` (command should be run from elevated CMD in case Hub is installed as MSI),
However, we can't imagine a case when such configuration would be useful because the address is available only locally.
So what we can actually recommend is to configure a proxy and set there a mapping to the desired ports.

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