Hub 1.0 Installation Problems (Windows Azure)


I am attempting to install Hub on a virtual machine running on Windows Azure. I currently have both YouTrack and TeamCity happily running for the last 8 months, but am having difficulty installing Hub.

The funny thing that I notice is that, during the installation process, it asks for a baseURL. By default, this baseURL is coming up as 'undefined'.

When I enter in the same URL we use to access YouTrack and TeamCity (they of course are running on different ports), it allows me to proceed all the way to the page that look like:

"Setting up JetBrains Hub 1.0. Please be patient and do not close this page until the setup is complete."

However, that page never completes. It hangs indefinitely.

I cannot tell if there is some error causing this, but I need to access hub directly at its default port of 8082. However, this baseURL seems to default to port 80.

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I am really just very confused.

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Hello, Tyler!

It seems that you have entered URL containing port 8082 in Configuration Wizard, but had not changed listen port to be 8082. I suppose ConfigurationWizard should has shown a warning about this.

Anyway, you might stop Hub and configure listen-port and base-url to make those be complient

<installation.folder>/bin/hub configure --listen-port=8082 --base-url=<scheme>://<host>:8082/

(you might also check actual values of listen-port and base-url, those are stored in property file: <installation.folder>/conf/internal/ if you use ZIP installation and in %programdata%/JetBrains/Hub/conf/internal/ if you had installaed MSI).

Alexey Barsov
JetBrains Developer


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