No launchctl file?

I don't understand JB products. Seems like very little is standard between them. Installation and update of YouTrack is a breeze, TeamCity, not so much. TeamCity has a launchctl file but nothing else does. Hub should right? It has to run all the time on the server?

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Hello, Rob!

It is true TeamCity and Hub have significant differencies in installation/upgrade/startup experience.

We are working on some unification, but we are not there yet.
Hub is new product and not all features have been supported yet. Till now we haven't tested and provided official documentation on how to manually register service with launchd on MacOS.

Answering your questions

Hub should right?

yes, we will provide plist configuration as soon as we tested that internally

It has to run all the time on the server?

command "bin/ start" starts Hub server and it run until system shutted down/rebooted, but without launchd configuration Hub should be manually started after server restart.


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