Integration problems


I followed this guide to perform integration via OAuth

For my requirements, I need to create service programmatically. So, as in guide said I send second request:


with any attributes or without them at all it responds with:

Unexpected character ('-' (code 45)) in numeric value: expected digit (0-9) to follow minus sign, for valid numeric value at [Source: org.glassfish.jersey.message.internal.ReaderInterceptorExecutor$UnCloseableInputStream@10a0693; line: 1, column: 3]


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Hello Rostislav, I'm very sorry for the delay.

If you'd like to create services, you should use this guide:

You need to add body with a json containing description of the service being created to the POST request. Only name field is required. In addition, the request should have Authorization header with `Basic Base64(username + ":" + password)` (username and password are from the user who creates the service)

Here is an example of a request that should create a service:

curl -X POST -d '{ "name": "My New Service" }' --insecure --header "Content-type: application/json" --header "Authorization: Basic YOUR_BASE_64" https://HUB_REST_API/services

You will get something like this in response:

"type": "service",
"id": "af7ce82f-adaa-4a50-a28f-092bb0a3f531",
"name": "My New Service",
"key": "my-new-service",
"verified": false,
"trusted": false,
"secret": "crYW9CqRo8"



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