Generic URL render in dashboard widget


Our team uses the entire JetBrains teamware stack in addition to the IDE, and relies on Hub Dashboard as the centralized location to manage their workflow.  One application that JetBrains does not offer is a wiki; as a result we are using Confluence.  Confluence has the ability to present tasks, and we would like to see those tasks on our Hub dashboard.  It occurred to us, that a general purpose "insert-URL-and-render-contents-in-a-widget" might be rather simpler to implement than a special-purpose Confluence widget, and would let us accomplish the same thing (by creating a Confluence page with nothing on it but the task list).  It would also let us build other little web widgets that we could put on the dashboard.


P.S. - If there's some sort of Hub dashboard widget API that would be great too, so we could simply write our own.


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