adjusting log levels, preferably at runtime

While trying to set up the ldap Auth Module, using the Test Login merely says "Cannot connect to LDAP server" but when I hop onto the machine running Hub I can connect to just fine.

I would like very much to adjust the ldap(?) logging level -- or maybe even all of them -- either through the application or through JMX, but I don't see any obvious mechanism to adjust the log levels from within the app, and it appears that only JULI logging is exposed via JMX.

I see the log4j.xml file, and know about the log4j configuration properties on boot, but would prefer not to have to bounce hub just to make a logging configuration change.

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I have a fairly basic question regarding this topic.

I get the "Cannot connect to LDAP server" message, but I don't understand what's failing. 

How can I change the LDAP logging level, even if I have to restart the hub.


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