Cant login to YouTrack Mobile while integrated with Hub


i currently have a Hub Instance with YouTrack integrated. Authentication works fine on Web, but i can't login into the Mobile App. Whenever i enter the Server URL (, i get redirected to (same as web), but after i enter my credentials i get redirected to the initial page where the Server URl is supposed to be entered.


I have 3 YouTrack Services in Hub: YouTrack, YouTrack Konnector, YouTrack Mobile. All trusted. YouTrack Mobile has the redirect Uri: 


 does this need to be changed?

Permissions are also correct.


Hub/Youtrack Version 2023.2 (latest)


Also, YouTrack Mobile and YouTrack Konnector don't have licenses assigned. YouTrack does.


Hello Oliver. We will need to check the logs of Hub and the mobile application (can be retrieved by tapping the logo on the page with the login form 6 times). May I ask you to submit a support ticket?


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