Resharper suddenly disappeared (uninstall)

Resharper disappeared from Visual Studio 2013 (running). I restarted Visual Studio, then Windows 10, but still no luck.

Then I observed Resharper was uninstalled completely in Windows 10 programs and features. (dotPeek was not uninstalled)

The only act which I think could affect Resharper was an upgrade of Visual Studio 2017 from 15.2 to 15.4, but I did not get any warnings, nor did I confirm uninstall of any extensions.

No other users has access to my PC. I know the product very well: Every day user since 2006!




Thank you for the feedback.

Could you please specify what R# version you used? Have you tried reinstalling R#?

Thank you


It was most likely installed from ReSharperSetup.8.2.1000.4556.msi. I also found "Version=8.2.1000.4556" in the registry along with some older entries.

I did not reinstall resharper, because I have had a hard time trying to find the product key.


Thank you for the reply, Camhe.


If you've got a chance to reinstall R# and still get a problem please let us know.

Thank you.


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