Dumping the installation wizard and configuring admin from the command line

I am writing unattended install script for hub. After unpacking the tarball, I configure the service as folows:

./hub.sh configure \
"--base-url={{ hub_base_url }}" \
"--listen-port=8082" \
"--data-dir={{ data_dir }}/hub" \
"--logs-dir={{ logs_dir }}/hub" \
"--temp-dir={{ temp_dir }}/hub" \
"--backups-dir={{ backup_dir }}/hub"

./hub.sh start \
--J-Djetbrains.jetpass.admin.restore=true \
 --J-Djetbrains.jetpass.admin.name=Administrator \
--J-Djetbrains.jetpass.admin.login={{ hub_admin_user }} \
--J-Djetbrains.jetpass.admin.password={{ hub_admin_pass }} \
--J-Djetbrains.jetpass.admin.email={{ hub_admin_email }}

sleep 60

curl -X POST http://localhost:8082/api/wizard/wait/dump

sleep 60

./hub.sh stop


This works, but it has the downside that we are starting the service and relying on arbitrary timeouts.

  1. Is there a way to set up the admin user without starting the service (ideally through 'configure' command).
  2. Is there a way to dump the wizard and enable the HUB bundle without starting the service and posting a HTTP request?




P.S. no, we can't use the docker image because it requires root access and access to the public docker registry.

Official comment

In your case, before the first start (i.e., the folder conf/internal doesn't exist yet) the following configure command should be run

./hub.sh configure \
--base-url={{ hub_base_url }} \
--listen-port=8082 \
--data-dir={{ data_dir }}/hub \
--logs-dir={{ logs_dir }}/hub \
--temp-dir={{ temp_dir }}/hub \
--backups-dir={{ backup_dir }}/hub \
--root-user={{ hub_admin_user }} \
--root-password={{ hub_admin_pass }}

start-command (skipping Configuration Wizard) is

./hub.sh start \  

Alexey Barsov
JetBrains Developer

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