Duplicate User Account Created For User this morning when logging in

A user named 'Bob Smith' has had an account with youtrack/hub for over a year, login: "bob.smith". Note that "bob smith" is not the real name; his real name is unique but I'd rather not post it.

This morning when he logged in he couldn't access what he normally can. Checking the users list shows there are now two Bob Smith accounts with the same email address. The new one was created this morning and the login is "bob.smith1". Even when Bob logs in as "bob.smith" it logs him into the "bob.smith1" account.

Looking at the original account, "bob.smith" shows that next to his email address it says "verification is required"; his last login time is 7 minutes before "bob.smith1" was registered.

Should I just delete the new account or merge the two or something else. Likewise, how do we prevent this from happening again.

Hub version: Hub 2017.2 Build 2017.2.6307 [06-07-2017 14:41]
Youtrack version: YouTrack 2017.2 Build 32853 [04-05-2017 16:34]

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Chris, I believe we're already discussing this in our tracker, so let's continue the conversation there.



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