Don't delete newly created project

I create project in hub and them try to delete it. Popup error "Impossible to delete project X".

Try merge it with other project - error "Could not delete JPProject: id = 41-2, because it is referenced as: favoriteProjects for {JPUser: id = 37-1} ;".

Favorite project... he... Delete project from favorite projects list i can only use REST API:

What it is? Why the newly created project automatically added to favorite list? Where I can see this favorite list? How can I delete project without use REST API?

Official comment

Anna, could you please tell the build number that you're using? Thanks.

No Anna, i'm Yury )


JetBrains Hub 2017.2
Сборка 2017.2.5619 [05-05-2017 13:26]

Yury, I'm very sorry for the mistake :)

Here is a workaround for this issue: please proceed to `<your_hub_address>/projects-new` page, find the project in question and un-star it. Try to delete this project then again.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. This is a bug which doesn't reproduce on the later builds, so in the next build release it won't be a problem anymore to delete a project.

Please note that this page the path to which I've share is a part of an experimental feature, so we don't encourage you to use it until we release it officially.

Thank you for understanding.


Liubov, thank you!

This solved the problem! Furthermore, this secret new page also contain archived projects! I still have not found how you can view archival projects in the regular way...

Another bug. After successfully deleting the project, move to `<your_hub_address>/projects-administration` with error 404.


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