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I want to use jetbrains team tools. I have got a server where I run all tools and each tool listens on a different public port. However I am concert about security when it comes to this. I'd like to ask you, if it is possible to instead run a Hub that itself listens on a public port. Such Hub would manage access to other tools that would themselves run on private ports. In such way I would use all products with Hub.

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Jan Hanus

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Hello, Jan Hanus!

The most straighforward way to use one port for all services is installing and configuring reverse (SSL-terminating) proxy in front of the services (Hub itself could not be used a single entry point to all services, it does provides all services with single-sign-on functionality, but it is not a proxy for them).

This way every service (Hub, YouTrack, Upsource, TeamCity) might be assigned with its own context in proxy configuration.

For instance, for nginx it would look like 

location /youtrack { 
  proxy_pass http://<server.domain.local>:<youtrack.port>; 

location /hub { 
  proxy_pass http://<server.domain.local>:<hub.port>; 

All products should be reconfigured after proxy configuration was setup in order to apply new base-urls and context paths.

For instance, for YouTrack, Hub and Upsource configure command should be called before those are started:
<youtrack.installation.folder>/bin/<service>.sh configure --base-url=https://<>:<proxy.port>/<service.context>

See details on how to setup SSL terminating proxy in front of the JetBrains team tools:
- YouTrack:
- Hub:
- Upsource:
- TeamCity:


Alexey Barsov 

JetBrains Developer

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