You have no license for the service. You have no license for YouTrack after switching to external Hub

I'm using
Hub Build 2.5.456
YouTrack 7.0 Build 29566
Upsource Build 3.5.3616

I've switched to external hub 2.5 after using internal one built into YouTrack.
I'm using free licenses for YouTrack and Upsource because I don't need more than 10 users for now.

Right after switching everything was working fine.
Then I've to create new user (total user amount not exceeds 10).

Newly created user is unable to log into YouTrack.
It logs into Hub or Upsource fine, switches between them ok.
But when user tries to switch to YouTrack, it redirects to YouTrack login page.
If correct login/password provided, error message "You have no license for the service. You have no license for YouTrack" is displayed.

I googled a little and got into this article: 
So, I've performed everything as explained, get rid of unwanted roles/permissions.

For now, my "Licenses" page in Hub is telling me that I've got
- Available licenses 7 of 10 available for YouTrack
- Available licenses 6 of 10 available for Upsource

Still, I'm unable to log into YouTrack with aforementioned error.

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Official comment

Hello, please ask your administrator to proceed to Hub > Services > YouTrack > License tab and make sure that your user has a license for that service.

To ensure that all newly created users have licenses for YouTrack, you can do grant the license to YouTrack to some auto-join group which all new users join automatically.

Let me know if that helps. Thank you!

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