YouTrack/ZenDesk integration and new users


We use ZenDesk for our support and want to set up the integration with YouTrack. The last bullet point in this article says that "If the user who reported the ticket in ZenDesk does not have an account in YouTrack, a new user account is created." Is this referring to me, the agent/employee who is submitting the ticket to YouTrack? Or is this referring to our end users who submitted the ticket in ZenDesk? We'd like to use the integration but not if it means dozens or eventually hundreds of new accounts on our YouTrack subscription. 

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Hello Emily,

thank you for your question. When you configure integration with ZenDesk, then indeed a user account is created for the end user who submitted the ticket in ZenDesk. So in the end it would probably mean a lot of user accounts created in your YouTrack.

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