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I'm considering Hub as a way to manage Permissions in an application of my own. Are there any known limitations on:

1) Number of users

2) Number of projects

3) Number of users per project

Alternatively with what number of projects and users you have used Hub so far?


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Hello Vaclav, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay.

Did I get you right and you want to use Hub with some application that you've written yourself?

As for your main question, we actually don't have any limitations for these numbers. You can have as many users and projects as you like.

Hey Liubov,

yes I was basically thinking about using Hub for a non-JetBrains application. It would register as a new Service, register its own Roles and Permissions. I really like the way how Hub can basically handle authentication and also contain authorization data. So instead of implementing it on my own I would use Hub API to both let users login and also check what permissions they have. And I could manage users and permissions via Hub UI.

One of the great advantages in my opinion is that it can be used on-premise and in the cloud unlike many online services which are cloud-only.

I know that there are no license limits on users and projects. I was just wondering if anybody has an experience with high number of users and projects in Hub and whether it does not cause performance issues in the UI or the API.


Hello Vaclav,

some statistics from our own YouTrack we use in JetBrains: we have around 140000+ users, 200+ projects, and use java machine with Xmx9GB

Everything works fine, performance is good. Please let us know if we can help you any further. Thank you.


Thank you. That is super useful info saving me a lot of time on doing the research myself.

Please forward my thanks to the team behind Hub. They have done really great job in designing and implementing it.


Thank you for the nice feedback, Vaclav. I forwarded it to our team, we really appreciate it :)


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