Redirecting issues with HUB

Hello Everyone!

I have a HUB which is connected with the Youtrack. The issue faced is whenever I try to access the ticket from Hub it doesnot redirect the URL to youtrack and i get an error popped up:

HTTP ERROR 404 Not Found

URI: /issue/EE-211
MESSAGE: Not Found
SERVLET: org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$Default404Servlet-2d826d4f

I have rechecked the services settings and added the Youtrack URL in the the redirecting cloumn of the hub  and also restarted the services a few times but the issue is not resolved. How can i resolve this issue? 

I created an new hub for migration but used the same Licence. Did that created a conflict and the hub and youtrack are not connected together? 

Any help or Leads would be appreciated! Thankyou


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Hello Muhammad,

We have already discussed the mentioned issue in the scope of the support request, but I want to write the result here in case anyone has the same problem.

The root cause was the discrepancies in YouTrack versions: it appeared that various YouTrack versions were running on a single server, and when the correct version was started, the error disappeared.

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