Creating User Accounts

In HUB the main workflow for adding new user accounts is, most likely, importing user accounts from a connected service. However, HUB provides you with means to create user accounts manually, as well.

Inviting New Users to Register

To invite one or several persons to register a user account in HUB:

  1. Open Users page.
  2. Click the '+New User...' button.
  3. Click Invite User button.
  4. Provide a list of space-separated email addresses which owners should be invited to register an account in HUB:
  5. Click Invite to send invitations to users with the specified emails.

Why do we actually create account while sending invitation to register
When done, you will be automatically navigated to the invited user profile. If you invited several users at once, the profile page of the first one will be opened. Opening the profile means that the account actually exists in HUB.
For the invited user the fact that the account is already created does not change the procedure of setting up an account. On the other hand, you, the administrator, can configure parameters of the account if it already exists. For example, you can configure user's access permissions as soon as the invitation is sent.


Creating New User Account

To create a user account manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Users page.
  2. Click the '+New User...' button.
  3. In the New User dialog, click Create Account button.
  4. Fill in mandatory fields: user's display name and email address:
  5. Click Create to create the user account with specified properties.

When a new account is created, you are automatically navigated to the user's profile.

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